Keynote talks at INNS Big Data 2016 and at the London ML Meetup

I recently gave a keynote talk on”Learning Sequences” at the INNS 2016 conference on Big Data on 24 October 2016. The conference took place in beautiful Thessaloniki, Greece and was organised by Prof. Plamen Angelov and Yannis Manolopoulos. I have also been interviewed about DeepMind and autonomous agents by Dr. Simone Scardapane. The talk covered the principles of recurrent neural networks, of Long Short-Term Memory and memory architectures, with applications to natural language processing and to playing 3D games with partially observed information. The slides of my talk about  are available here.

A few weeks later, I gave a condensed version of that talk at the London ML Meetup. The updated slides covered extra material related to my current work at DeepMind on Learning to Navigate in Complex Environments.