Piotr Mirowski, for the DeepMind Nowcasting team (26 March 2022) “Skilful precipitation nowcasting using deep generative models of radar”

GHOST Day 2022

Piotr Mirowski, Dylan Banarse, Kitty Stacpoole, Chrisantha Fernando (16 September 2022) “CLIP-CLOP Collage and Photomontage Generator”

British Science Festival 2022

Tracy Harwood, Piotr Mirowski, Rudolf Rosa & Marcel Karnapke (12 October 2021)
EUNIC AI Science Café Series: “AI & Theatre”

EU National Institutes for Culture

Piotr Mirowski & Kory Mathewson (21 June 2020)
“Art2: Artificial Intelligence in Artistic Performance”, Anthropocenes 2020

European Society for the study Literature, Science & the Arts

Piotr Mirowski (14 June 2020)
“Still (!) Learning to Navigate”

CVPR 2020 Workshop on Embodied AI

Raia Hadsell (12 July 2020)
Fireside chat moderated by Piotr Mirowski


Piotr Mirowski (5 October 2018)
“Learning to Navigate”

London Machine Learning Meetup

Piotr Mirowski (16 December 2018)
“Learning to Navigate”

ML in PL

Piotr Mirowski (9 November 2019)
“Artificial Irreverence: Improvised Theatre with Robots”, Science: Polish Perspectives

Polonium Foundation

Piotr Mirowski (17 May 2019)
“Co-Founder of Improbotics, Piotr Mirowski, talks about their performance at the AI Art Festival 2019”

Art AI Festival

Piotr Mirowski (9 November 2017)
“Artificial Irreverence: Improvised Theatre with Robots”, Devoxx Belgium


Piotr Mirowski (4 April 2017)
“Human / Machine Improvised Theatre”, Devoxx France