Image credits: Ross Gamble

I am the co-founder of HumanMachine and Improbotics, world’s first AI-enabled improv companies, and my shows featuring a robot and artificial intelligence chatbots have been touring internationally and featured, among others, in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, New Scientist and RTE One. I trained as an improviser in Toulouse (C cédille with Muriel Darras and Ligue d’Improvisation Universitaire), New York (where I was a member of volunteering charity Cherub Improv, performing in hospitals and nursing homes) and London (Nursery Theatre, Hoopla!, The Showstoppers, City Academy and Imprology).

I studied for a Diploma in Acting at LSDA – London School of Dramatic Art (2015-2017) and co-founded in 2017 Wretched Strangers, A European Theatre Company giving voice to foreigners living in the UK. Stage credits include The Hotel (Cambridge Theatreworks, 2003), The Hunchback of Notre Dame (Moose Hall Inwood Shakespeare Festival, New York, 2006), Playing with Grown-Ups (LSDA, London Fringe, 2017) and Medea (Wretched Strangers, Brighton, Reading and Camden Fringe, 2018).