Since joining DeepMind in October 2014, I have been working on navigation-related research, weather and climate forecasting, and computational creativity.

Navigation is a fundamental skill of intelligent animals, when they demonstrate autonomous behaviour and adaptation to changing environments, and as such, it is a key milestone in research on artificial intelligence and reinforcement learning. Weather and climate modelling are a fundamental and existential scientific task where physics-based generative models can complement existing numerical weather models. Computational creativity research empowers human artists with tools while simultaneously engaging society with questions about our relationship to machines.

My previous research on epileptic seizure prediction from EEG, inference of gene regulation networks, WiFi-based geolocalisation, Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping from the pocket, robotics, natural language processing and search query auto-completion is documented on my NYU website.

The full list of my publications is listed on Google Scholar and part of my code is open-sourced on GitHub.